Category: Economist

Konrad Lorenz

Born: Konrad Lorenz who was an Austrian zoologist, ethologist, and ornithologist born on 7 November 1903, In Vienna, Austria-Hungary. Family background: He was the son of Adolf Lorenz and Emma [ … ]

Gary Becker

Born: Gary Backer was an American economist and empiricist born on 2 December 1930, In Pottsville, Pennsylvania, U.S. Family Background: He was born in Jewish Family. His parents were not [ … ]

Michael Porter

Born: Michael Porter is an American economics, business strategy, and social causes born on 23 May 1947, In Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. Family Background: His father was a civil [ … ]

Richard Thaler

Born: Richard Thaler is an American economist and Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics born on 12 September 1945, In East Orange, New Jersey, U.S. Family Background: He is the [ … ]

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