Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon


Ariel Sharon was Israeli general and served as 11th Prime Minister of Israel, Born on 26 February 1928, In British Mandate Of Palestine.

Family Background:

He was the son of Shmuel Scheinerman and his wife Dvora Scheinerman. His father was from Litovsk while his mother was from Mogilev. He had one sibling Yehudit Sheinerman.

Personal Life:

Ariel Sharon married twice in his life. In 1953, He had married Margalit Zimmerman. They had one son, Gur. In 1962, Margalit died in a car accident. After five years, In October 1967, his son Gur died. in 1963, After a year Margalit died, He had married her younger sister Lily. They had two sons, Omri and Gilad. Lily died of lung cancer in 2000.


In 1938, At the Age ten, He had entered in the HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed. In 1942, He had joined the Guide No’ar. Then he had taken part in armed night patrols.


In September 1949, He had been appointed to the post of company commander of the Golani Brigades reconnaissance unit. In 1950, He became an Intelligence officer for central command. In October 1953, his troops attacked Qibya, which was a village located in the West Bank and used as a base by the Palestinian fedayeen. That had been in retaliation for the Yehud attack, which had been killed an Israeli woman and her two children while they were sleeping in their home on October 12, 1953. In Response to him, His Army dynamited around forty-five civilian houses, schools, and mosque in Qibya. In that attack, At least 65 civilians, half of them women and children, had been also killed. In 1954, Unit 101 had merged with the 890 Paratroopers Battalion to create the Paratroopers Brigade. In 1962, Sharon had become the brigade commander of the armored corps. After two years later in 1964, He had been made Chief of Staff at Northern Command headquarters. In 1969, During the war of Attrition, Sharon had been appointed the head of IDF’s Southern Command. In 1973, Sharon retired from the army. Soon after retiring from the army, He had joined the Liberal Party and had started working with opposition leader Menachem Begin. He had also appointed a chairman of the campaign committee.

On January 11, 2014, He died after the eight years in the coma.

Unknown Facts:

  • His birth name was Ariel Scheinerman.
  • He was underground Jewish military organization Haganah.
  • He was a lover of classical music.

Master Stroke:

  • During the war in 1948, He had been made a platoon commander.

Awards and Achievements:

  • He had received the Israeli award.

What can we learn from him??

Like Ariel Sharon, Just focus on your career, make your life goal and work hard to achieve it.

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