Avicii was Swedish Musician, DJ, remixer, and record producer born on 8 September 1989, In Stockholm, Sweden.

Family Background:

He was the son of Klas Bergling and his wife Anki Liden, who was a small-time actor who had appeared in more than 50 Swedish films and TV series. He had four siblings.

Personal Life:

In 2012, He had been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and had his gallbladder and appendix removed. Despite the health concerns, He had kept touring continuously and risked his mental and physical well-being. At the age of 28, Bergling died on 20 April 2018 near Muscat, Oman, There is no any cause of death was immediately given.


He was a high school graduate.


Through 2011, He had already finished working on his breakthrough single, ‘Levels’. The song had included vocals from the famous gospel-inspired 60s song named ‘Something’s got a Hold on Me’ by Etta James. ‘Levels’ had made waves nationally and internationally and established Avicii in the mainstream music arena. The song had made its place among the top 10 hits of many European countries and had also made waves across the US. The collaboration resulted in the single ‘Sunshine’, which had become an instant international success. At the 2012 ‘Ultra Music Festival’ in Miami, Avicii had released his new track, ‘Girl Gone Wild’ with Madonna. At the same event, He had released another single which named, ‘Superlove’ with Lenny Kravitz. The same year, He earned two million likes on his ‘Facebook’ page. In early 2013, Avicii had released ‘Wake Me Up,’ one of his most meaningful and most successful singles to date. The song topped the charts in more than 20 countries across the world and is known as his most successful single. In late 2013, He had released the album “True”, with featured several established artists, such as Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert. In the next year, He had released the club remix version of the album “True: Avicii by Avicii”. In 2015, Avicii had released his second album “Stories” and had also merged with pop music with electronic sounds. In 2016, He had announced that he would be retiring from live shows. His last live performance was in Ibiza.

Unknown Facts:

  • Avicii was a sitcom lover!
  • His real name is Tim Bergling.
  • At the age of just eight, He started mixing in his bedroom.

Master Stroke:

  • In 2016, He had stopped touring and announced about it through an open letter in which He said, “I know I am blessed to be able to travel all around the world and perform, but I have too little left for the life of a real person behind the artist.


  • He had faced a slight controversy. A portion of his single ‘Fade into Darkness’ had been allegedly used without his permission by Leona Lewis, on her single ‘Collide’. Leona did not credit Avicii, and the entire matter went to court. Finally, Leona’s lawyer offered Avicii a collaborative album with his client. Avicii accepted the offer, and the matter was resolved.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 2013, He received the American Music, International Dance Music, MTV Europe Music award.
  • In 2014, he received the World Music, Teen Choice, iHeartRadio Music, Echo Music award.

What can we learn from him?

Like, Avicii, Believe in your dreams and work hard to get what you want.

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