Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams


Bryan Adams who is renowned international singer-songwriter who hails from Canada born on 5 November 1959, In Canada.

Family Background:

He is the son of Conrad J. Adams and his wife Elizabeth Jane Adams. He has a brother named Bruce.

Personal Life:

Bryan Adams is married to Alicia Grimaldi. They blessed with two daughters named Mirabella Bunny Adams and Lula Rosylea.


He even dropped out of school in order to pursue a career in music.


He had joined the band ‘Sweeney Todd’, as a replacement for their lead singer and in 1976 the band had come up with an album named ‘If Wishes Were Horses’. He made many songs with this band for the next one year. He then had been employed by the ‘Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’ (CBC), where He had arranged acquainted with various artists. In 1978, He had Introduced Canadian Musician Jim Vallance. In the same year, he had received a contract with records Company named ‘A&M’, and this indicated the beginning of Bryan’s professional career in music. In 1980, He had been released his album with titled ‘Bryan Adams’, and the songs of this album had written by Jim and Bryan and had also co-produced by them. During the same time, He had also joined with other bands in writing songs such as ‘Don’t Let Him Know’, ‘No Way to Treat a Lady’, ‘Teacher Teacher’ and ‘Edge Of A Dream’. His breakthrough album ‘Cuts Like a Knife’, which had been released in 1983, with its song ‘Straight from the Heart’ which was among the top 10 songs at the ‘Billboard hot 100’ chart. The album had been placed at number eight on ‘Billboard 200’ album list and had been also entitled a platinum record greatly in Canada. His fourth studio album had been ‘Reckless’ which hit the music stores in 1984 and became an immediate success. It highlighted hit songs like ‘Summer of 69’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Run to You’, ‘One Night Love Affair’, ‘Somebody’ and ‘It’s Only Love’. The album truncated Billboard 200 album chart and the song ‘Heaven’ topped ‘Billboard Hot 100’ chart. He then had produced a live album named ‘Live! Live! Live!’. In 1991, His album ‘Waking Up the Neighbours’ had been produced, and this album too became a global hit. It had been put sixth at the ‘Billboard 200’ album list’. From 2001 to 2015, his studio album named ‘Tracks of My Years’ scored the music stores. He had also worked on the live album ‘Live At Sydney Opera House’, and produced the soundtrack album ‘Jock of the Bushveld or Jock the Hero Dog’ during the recent decade.

Unknown Facts:

  • His full name is Bryan Guy Adams.
  • He Holds Dual Canadian And British Citizenship.

Master Stroke:

  • His first major hit had been the album ‘Reckless’ which had earned him global recognition as an artist. It had been placed at number one in the ‘Billboard 200’ album chart and its song ‘Heaven’ became a numero uno in the singles list of many nations.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1983, He obtained the ‘Juno Awards’ as the ‘Male Vocalist of the Year’.
  • In 1986, He had been awarded the ‘MTV Video Music Awards’ in the ‘Best Stage Performance Video’ for ‘It’s Only Love’.
  • In 1987, He had been a recipient of the ‘Juno Award’ for the ‘Male Vocalist of the Year’ and ‘Canadian Entertainer of the Year’.
  • He had won several ‘Juno Awards’ for the ‘Album of the Year’ ‘Male Vocalist of the Year’, ‘Composer of the Year’ and ‘Producer of the Year’.

What can we learn from Him??

Like Bryan Adams, do your work with passionately. Take an action at the right time. be strong in your life.

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