Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan


Chaka Khan is an American musician, singer, and songwriter born on March 23, 1953, In U.S

Family Background:

She is born to Charles Stevens and Sandra Coleman. She has four siblings,  brother Mark, and three sisters, Yvonne, Zaheva, and Tammy.

Personal Life:

In 1970, at the early age of 17, She married Hassan Khan but They divorced after a short time. Later she had in relationship with Rahsaan Morris. They had one daughter. In 1976, She married Richard Holland and had a son with him.


She had attended Calumet High School and Kenwood High School. As a student, She had begun performing music in small groups around the Chicago area.


In 1972, She had performed for various local bands after she was spotted by a new group ‘Rufus’. In 1973, The group ‘Rufus’ had released their self-titled debut album in 1973. The album didn’t gain much attention. However, later the group released the song ‘Tell Me Something Good’ which became a huge hit and reached the third position on the US Hot 100. It had also been won the Group their first Grammy Award in 1974. Slowly the band had started growing popularity and Khan became a star, mostly gaining awareness because of her amazing vocals and unusual attire. Soon She had made this decision to begin a solo career. In 1978, She had released her debut self-titled solo album, After signing a contract with Warner Bros. The song  ‘I’m Every Woman’ from the album had been a huge hit. It stood at number 21 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The success of the single had helped the album sell over a million copies. She has many successful albums such as Echoes of An Era, I Feel for You, Destiny, What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me, Got to Be There, It is My Party, Love You All My Lifetime, and You Can Make my Story Right. In 1990, She had cooperated with singing legend Ray Charles in ‘I’ll Be Good to You’. The song had been a hit and won her another Grammy. Two years later, She had published ‘The Woman I Am’. In 2016, She returned with the single ‘I Love Myself’. The same year, She had started rehab, as she had been struggling with drug abuse for many years

Chaka Khan

Unknown Facts:

  • Yvette Marie Stevens is her real name.
  • She had become a fan of rhythm and blues music.
  • She is also a 10-time Grammy Award-winner.
  • She is popularly known as the Queen of Frunk.

Master Stroke:

  • Chaka Khan had obtained huge popularity for the song ‘I Feel for You’. The song had been originally written by the famed American singer Prince for his debut album. However, Khan’s variant had become the most successful and popular version.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 2008, She received the Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group award.
  • In 2008, She received the Best R&B Album award.

What can we learn from Her??

Like Chaka Khan, Motivate yourself and make your life successful

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