Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders


Colonel Sanders, Who was the founder of KFC and American Businessman was born on September 9, 1890, In Henryville, Indiana, U.S.

Family Background:

Colonel had two younger siblings Wilbur David and Margaret Ann. His father was a mild and affectionate man who worked his 80-acre farm until he broke his leg after a fall. His mother was a devout Christian and the strict parent. When he was 6 years old, his father was died because of fever.

Personal Life:

Sanders first married to Josephine King and they have a son whose name was Harland, Jr. who died in 1932 of infected tonsils. They have two daughters whose name ware Margaret Sanders and Mildred Sanders Ruggles. In 1947, Sanders and  Josephine divorced and then Sanders married to Claudia in 1949.


Sanders became responsible for taking care of his siblings. At the age of 10, He had been worked numerous jobs like farmer, streetcar conductor, railroad fireman and insurance salesman. In 1902, His mother remarried to William Broaddus, and his family moved to Greenwood, Indiana. Sanders had a tumultuous relationship with his stepfather. At age 13, Sanders left his home and got a job as a painting horse carriages in Indianapolis. At age 14, He moved to southern Indiana to work as a farmhand. He falsified his date of birth and enlisted in the United State Army in October 1906, Completing his service commitment as a teamster in Cuba. He was honorably discharged in the February 1907 and moved to Sheffield, Alabama, where his uncle lived. Sanders Progressed to become a fireman at the age of 16 or 17.

In 1909, He found the laboring work with the  Norfolk and Western Railway. In 1920, He established the ferry boat company which operated a boat on the Ohio River between Jeffersonville and Louisville. In July 1939, Sanders got a motel in Asheville, North Carolina. July 1940, He has finalized his “Secret Recipe” for frying chicken in a pressure fryer that cooked the chicken faster than pan frying. In 1952, He franchised his secret recipe “Kentucky Fried Chicken” for the first time to the Pele Harman of South salt lake, Utah, The operator of one of that city’s largest restaurant. The first year of the selling of a new product, restaurant sales more than tripled, with 75% increase coming from sales of fried chicken.

After Harman’s success, many other restaurant owners franchised this concept and paid $0.04 per chicken to Sanders. Sanders decided to start to franchise his chicken concept in eastern and traveled the U.S looking for a suitable restaurant.

The franchise approaches highly successful. KFC was one of the first fast-food chains expand across U.S. opening outlets in Canada and after in England, Mexico and Jamaica by the mid-1960s.

In 1964, Sanders sold the KFC corporation for $2 million to a partnership of Kentucky businessman headed by John Y. Brown and Jack C Massey. and then he was a salaried brand ambassador.

Because of acute leukemia, Sanders died at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky on December 16, 1980.

Unknown Facts:

  • After selling the company, Colonel sued KFC for $122 million.
  • Colonel Sanders supposedly cursed a Japanese Baseball team.
  • He had wounded a business rival in a deadly shootout.

Master Strokes:

  • During World War II, gas rationing mean less travel, so Sanders had to shut down his motel. He reopened motel When the war ended.
  • He held on to his Canadian rights in the company and established a foundation in Canada, turning over his profits to charities, such as churches, hospitals, the Boy Scouts. He had also adopted 78 foreign orphans.

What can we learn from him??

You have to go through failure to get to success in your life. Naver is afraid to start new things.

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