Dhirubhai Ambani

Dhirubhai Ambani


Dhirajlal Hirachand “Dhirubhai” Ambani, who was Indian Business tycoon and founder of Reliance industries in Mumbai was born on 28 December 1932 in Chorvad, Junagadh (Gujarat) India.

Family Background:

His father Hirachand was employed as a school teacher and his mother Jamnaben was housemaker. He had one sibling whose name is Ramniklal Ambani.

Personal Life:

In 1955, He married Kokilaben Ambani. They had 4 children, 2 sons whose name is Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani. and 2 daughters whose name was Nina Kothari, Deepti Salgaonkar.


At school time in Junagadh, He was selected as a general secretary of Junagadh state. He organized a rally on Indian Independence day. Then he became a part of Praja Mandal Movement that organized rallies to bring about constitutional reforms in the state. Due to the ill health of his father and poor living condition of the family, he had to give up on his education and accept a job offered in Aden.


At Aden, He worked a clerical job at A. Besse & Co, the largest transcontinental trading firm east of Suez. He had also acquired the skill of dealing with banks and insurance companies. In 1958, He moved back to India and started exploring business opportunities in Bombay. His skills and ability to judge helped him to crack to most big deals in the yarn market that earned him the flush of capital required for the future Reliance Textiles. Playing with his idea of establishing manufacturing units, He soon established same as a setting up a textile mill in Naroda, Ahmedabad in 1966. In January 1967, His dream started to realize as the Naroda factory started producing the finest quality of Nylon. By 1972, Reliance became a huge and stark contrast to its starting days.

In 1981, His elder son Mukesh Ambani joined the business and initiated Reliance’s backward integration journey from textiles into polyester fibers, petrochemicals, petroleum refining and oil & gas exploration and production.

In 1983, His younger son Anil Ambani joined the business and became a Chief Executive Officer at Naroda. Over the period of time, the Reliance Industries divided into many sectors like Telecommunication, Information technology, Energy, Power, Retail, Textiles, Infrastructure services, Capital market and logistic.

On 24 June 2002, He was admitted to  Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai because of he was suffered from the major stroke. On 6 July 2002, He died at the age of 69.

Unknown facts:

  • His first office room was 350 sq. ft.
  • He used to change the company name frequently.
  • He learned English by reading a newspaper.
  • In the 70s, He bought his first apartment.
  • He started off with his two assistants.
  • He used to spend money eating in restaurants.

Master Strokes:

  • He was the mastermind, The initiator, conceptualizer and the visualizer behind the Reliance Group. Starting off as a mere yarn dealer, He wrote history by establishing Reliance Industries at the grassroots level, Making it the largest business conglomerate in India.


  • In 1982, Reliance Industries came up against a rights issue regarding partly convertible debentures. It was rumored that the company had to make all efforts to ensure that their stock prices did not slide an inch.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In January 2016, He was awarded as the Padma Vibhushan.
  • Dhirubhai Ambani was named the “man of the 20th century” by the  Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).
  • In August 2001, He received the Economic Times Award for corporate excellence for lifetime achievement.

What can we learn from him??

Like Dhirubhai Ambani, Take a bold step in your life, Never fear about any challenges and changes.

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