Dr. Robert Ballard

Dr. Robert Ballard


Dr. Robert Ballard, who is a separated United State Navy officer and professor of oceanography at the University of Rhode Island, born on 30 June 1942, In Kansas, U.S.

Family Background:

He is born to Harriet Nell Ballard and Chet Ballard.

Personal Life:

In 1966, He married Marjorie Jacobsen. The couple had two sons, Todd and Douglas. In 1990, The couple divorced. Then he married Barbara in January 1991. They have two children, William and Emily.


In 1965, He had been pursuing an undergraduate degree in chemistry and geology from the University of California and had completed graduation in 1965. He had received his MS in geophysics from the Institute of Geophysics at the University of Hawaii. In 1967, He had received his Ph.D. Degree in marine geology from the University of Southern California.


In 1969, His first professional dive in a submersible had been off the coast of Florida, as a part of an oceanographic expedition arranged by Woods Hole. He had started charting various parts of the ocean as a part of his Ph.D. Thesis. After a painstaking four years, He eventually received his Ph.D. In marine geology and geophysics from the University of Rhode Island. In the summer of 1975, He had participated in the French-American expedition, Phere, searching for hydrothermal flues over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Around that time, His fascination with finding the Titanic began. In 1982, He had addressed the US Navy with his idea of a new, technologically advanced, underwater robotic vehicle, the ‘Argo’, which would help him discover the world’s greatest sunken ship, Titanic. He and his team had been ecstatic with the discovery and came to the realization that the ship had in fact split into two and that the stern had been in a far worse position than the hull. His name was certain and he decided to keep the exact location of the Titanic a secret, to prevent others from claiming artifacts from the ship’s grave site. In 1990, He had founded nonprofit organization the Institute for Exploration, which had practiced in deep-sea archaeology and geology, ‘Sea Research Foundation, Inc’. In 1993, He had studied and attended a forensic analysis of the wreck of Titanic’s sister-ship, the RMS Lusitania, which had been struck by a weapon. In 2003, He had founded the Center for Ocean Exploration and Archaeological Oceanography at the Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography.

Dr. Robert Ballard

Unknown Facts:

  • His full name is Robert Duane Ballard.

Master Stroke:

  • This renowned oceanographer had worked with National Geographic on many deep-sea projects and also assisted filmmaker, James Cameron in the making of ‘Titanic’.
  • The first few scenes of the movie, where the pieces of the ship are shown, had been filmed using the expertise of this famous personality and his team.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1990, He received the Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award.
  • In 1994, He received the Kilby International Award.
  • In 1996, He had been honored the Lone Sailor Award.
  • In 2002, He had been awarded the Caird Medal by the National Maritime Museum.

What can we learn from Him??

  • Like Dr. Robert Ballard, Do your work faithfully. Believe in yourself. Never listen to the other’s talk.
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