Francois Hollande

Francois Hollande


Francois Hollande who served President of the French Republic, born on 12 August 1954, In France.

Family Background:

He is born to Georges Gustave Hollande and Nicole Frederique Marguerite Tribert. His father was an ENT doctor and held a far-right political view. His mother was a social worker.

Personal Life:

Hollande has never married, for thirty years he had a live-in relationship with Segolène Royal. They had four children, Thomas, Clemence, Julien, and Flora. The couple separated in 2007.


He started his school education at Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-la-Salle in Rouen. After 13th he had enrolled at Lycee Pasteur, a secondary school in the locality in Neuilly Sur Seine. Later he had entered into Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales and had passed out in 1975. Later he had enrolled in Institut de Sciences Politiques and finally at the Ecole Nationale d’Administration. He has also received a bachelor degree in law from Pantheon-Assas University.


In 1981, Hollande had challenged future President Chirac for the French Assembly seat of Correze department in central France but lost. He had then appointed as an economic adviser in the administration of President Francois Mitterrand. Later, He has been sent to work under the government spokesperson Max Gallo. In 1983, He became a municipal councilor for Ussel a commune in the Correze department. In 1988, He again contested for the National Assembly seat from Correze and won. Then in 1997, Jospin became the Prime Minister of a cohabitation government under President Chirac. This is also the year when Hollande regained his National Assembly seat from Correze. In 2001, Hollande became the Mayor of Tulle, the capital of the Correze department. Although he held the position for seven years, he had not been disconnected from national politics. Contrarily, The shocking failure of Jospin in 2002 presidential election and his subsequent resignation made Hollande the party’s public face in the legislative election. However, 2002 had a tough year for the Socialist Party. Although Hollande had able to retain his own seat at Correze and limit the defeat to some extent, The party lost the election on the whole. In spite of that, He was re-elected as the First Secretary in the 2003 party congress. In the 2004 regional election, A left coalition headed by Socialist under Hollande had won the twenty of the twenty-two regions in Metropolitan France, consisting of mainland France and nearby islands. In 2005, Hollande had re-elected as the First Secretary of the Socialist party but his hold over the party began to wane from now on. In April 2008, Hollande had elected as the President of the General Council of Correze. In March 2011, he had reelected to the same post. Soon, He announced his candidature in the forthcoming primary election for selection of the presidential nominee.

Francois Hollande

Unknown Facts:

  • Francois Gerard Georges Nicolas Hollande is his full name.
  • In 2015, According to Forbes Magazine, Hollande had the 16th most powerful person.

Master Stroke:

  • As president, Hollande had approved same-sex marriage and the approval rights of LGBT couples. He has begun labor reforms to make French industry more competitive.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 2012, He honored with the Knight of the order of White Eagle.
  • On 15 May 2012, He had honored with Grand Cross of the National Order of the Legion of Honour.
  • On 15 May 2012, He honored with Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit.
  • In 2018, He has the member of the Order of Liberty.

What can we learn from Him??

Like Francois Hollande, Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying about your goal.

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