Frank Miller

Frank Miller


Frank Miller is an American comic book writer, Film director, Novelist and screenwriter born on 27 January 1957, In Olney, Maryland, United States.

Family Background:

He is the son of his carpenter father and nurse mother. Frank has six siblings. He comes from an Irish Catholic family.

Personal Life:

Frank Miller married Lynn Varley, a colorist who colored his several works. They divorced in 2005. After divorced, He romantically linked with Kimberly Halliburton Cox.


He had been found a comic book during his childhood days. Later he had developed his interest in graphics entertainment and film. The Twilight Zone’, an American television anthology that series comic book featured his comical artwork and that series had been considered his first published work. But he did not receive any credit for this work. After working for western publishing for a brief period, He had joined the DC comic. There he had worked on a piece of an anthology collection of Christmas stories. He had also worked on six-page “The Greatest Story Never Told”.  Later he joined the Marvel Comics, he had created a comic work on a 17-page story, “The Master Assassin of Mars, Part 3”. He had also worked there as a regular fill-in and cover artist, his job had been creating comic works on a variety of titles. In May 1979, Miller made debut with Daredevil #158 title. After that Miller became one of the Marvel’s rising star. Daredevil #158, earned him recognization as a comic artist. January 1981, Marvel’s issue featured Miller’s write and penciller both work. In October 1981 in the issue of Marvel comics, he had authored and had drawn a solo story in “Bizarre Adventurers”. After leaving Marvel Comics, He had relocated to Los Angeles to work for DC comics. His “300” a comic book, which is inspired by the 9/11 terrorist attack. In 2001, He had created Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again. He had also authored a story of “All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder”

Unknown Facts:

  • He owns over 200 Diecast Metal cars.
  • He wants to do Captain America Story.
  • He is the big fan of Jeff Smith.
  • Red Harvest is his favorite Novel.
  • He afraid of Video Games.

Master Stroke:

  • In 1990, he along with artist Dave Gibbons, He had published ‘Give Me Liberty.
  • In 1991, He had drawn the entire story in black and white to highlighting its film noir style.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1981, He received the Inkpot Award.
  • In 1991, He won the Best Finite series award.
  • In 1993, He received the Best Artist award.
  • In 2006, He received The Comic-Con Icon Award.
  • In 2015, He received the Eisner Awards Hall Of Fame award.

What can we learn from Him??

Like Frank Miller, Everyone should work hard for their bright future.

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