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George Foreman

George Foreman


George Foreman is an American former professional boxer born on 10 January 1949, In Texas, U.S.

Family Background:

He is the son of Leroy Moorehead and Nancy Foreman. He had been raised by his mother and his stepfather J.D Forman. He has six siblings.

Personal Life:

During 1981-83, Foreman had got married and divorced thrice. It had also known that one of his wives left to Barbados with their kids but he found them and got them back. He has five sons and seven daughters.


In 1968, Foreman had gone on to win a gold medal in Olympics’ Heavyweight Boxing Championship in Mexico City. It had been during this time that there were riots in the US over civil rights and Vietnam. The African-American community had still under speculation whether to support US policy or not. Foreman had been moved for a while but it did not deter him from winning the medal. In 1969, Foreman had decided to take up boxing professionally and had gone for serious and rigorous boxing training sessions. In the same year, He fought his first pro boxing match against Don Walheim in New York City and had won the match in a three-round knockout. In 1973, He had quieted all the judgments against him by fighting the ace champion Joe Frazier. In that epic match, Foreman had sent Frazier twice to the mat by the end of first round, once by lifting him off his feet. By the end of second round, Frazier had been beaten. After his first failure, Foreman had made his comeback in 1976 in Las Vegas. He had fought against Ron Lyle and after the 5th round Foreman sent Lyle to the ground and won the match. That win helped him to earn the confidence that he had lost in the match against Muhammad Ali. After 10 years of keeping himself off from the boxing ring, in 1987 Foreman had declared his comeback at the age of 40, which is shocking everyone. Despite being out of shape, He had knocked out Steve Zouski in the 4th round of the match in Sacramento, California. In 1994, He had stood against Michael Moorer in a title challenge in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the first 9 rounds Moorer outboxed Foreman but in the 10th round He had knocked Moorer in the chin and had landed flat on his back. In 1997, Foreman had fought his last boxing match against Shannon Briggs for the right to face WBC champion, Lennox Lewis. By the 12th round, Briggs had been declared as the champion and Foreman retired for good at the age of 48.

George Foreman

Unknown Facts:

  • George Foreman Studies Acting More Work Than Boxing.
  • All His Sons Are Named George.

Master Stroke:

  • In 1994, He had become the oldest heavyweight champ in history when he knocked out Michael Moorer in the 10th round.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1994, He received the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year award.
  • In 1995, He received the Best Boxer ESPY Award.

What Can we learn from him??

Like George Foreman, Build up your life’s Goal, Belief in yourself, Never lose your hope.

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