Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton is an American Politician, who is the first lady of the United State from 1993 to 2001, born on 26 October 1947, In Chicago, U.S.

Family Background:

Her father Hugh Rodham was English and Welsh descent, who was managed a small successful textile business. Her mother Dorothy Howell, who was homemaker of Dutch, English and Welsh descent. Hillary has two brothers, Hugh and Tony.

Personal Life:

Hillary married Bill Clinton on October 11, 1975. The couple has one child daughter, Whose name is  Chelsea.


She started her education at public school. at that time she was a favorite student of her teachers. After she entered in Maine East High School, where she had participated in the student council. After sometimes, She transferred to Maine South High School. In 1965, She graduates with her class top five percent. In 1965, she entered at  Wellesley College, During her freshman year, She served as a president of the Wellesley. In 1969, she completed his graduation in Bachelor of Art with the honors in political science. Later she attended the Yale Law School, where she worked at the Yale Child Study Center. she would hold this twelve years.


Hillary had emerged as a dynamic and valued partner of her husband, During her husband Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, and as president, He had named her to head the Task Force on National Health Reform. In 1999, Clinton decided that she would seek the U.S. Senate seat from New York held by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Who had been retiring after four terms. After her husband’s election as Governor of Arkansas in November 1978, She became that state’s First Lady in January 1979.  Clinton, Who had said that she would take responsibility for security at the outpost in Benghazi. and was scheduled to testify about the attack before Congress in December 2012. She had been canceled her scheduled testimony, however, citing a stomach virus and, later, a concussion that she suffered after fainting. she was Hospitalized because of she had the blood clot on 30 December 2012. she had been released on  January 2, 2013, after receiving treatment in New York Hospital.

Unknown Facts:

  • She is the first lady to be fingerprinted by the FBI.
  • “Evergreen” is her Secret service code name.
  • She served as a member of the board of directors of Wal-Mats.

Master Stroke:

  • According to the Associated Press, On June 6, 2016, Clinton had as the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democratic Party and the first woman in the United States’ 240-year history to top the presidential ticket of the major United State political party.


  • A controversy in March 2015, when it had been revealed by the State Department’s inspector general that Clinton had exclusively used personal email accounts on a non-government, privately maintained server instead of email accounts maintained on federal government servers when conducting official business during her tenure as secretary of state.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1992, She won the Glamour women of the year award.
  • In 1999, She received the Lifetime Achievement and Mother Teresa awards.
  • In 2006, She won the Remembrance and Energy Leadership awards.
  • In 2013, She received the Philippine Legion of Honor.
  • In 2015, She won the Irish America Hall Fame.

What can we learn from Her??

Like Hillary Clinton, Always be active in your life. Recognize your role model and learn from them. make your real Impact.

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