James Dyson

James Dyson


James Dyson is British Investor and Industrial designer who founded the Dyson Company, born on 2 May 1947, In England.

Family Background:

He is the son of Alec Dyson and his wife Mary Bolton Dyson. He has one sibling, Tom Dyson. His father died of Cancer.

Personal Life:

James Dyson married Deirdre Hindmarsh in 1968. His wife Deirdre Hindmarsh, is an Art teacher and Painter. The couple has three children, Emily, Jack, and Sam.


He had started his school education a Gresham’s School and later he had moved to an Independent Boarding School in Holt, Norfolk, from 1956 to 1965. Later he had spent one year at Byam Shaw School of Art and then studied at Royal College of Art.


In 1970, During his graduation, he got a job at Rotork Controls Ltd. There his boss Jeremy Fry, who encouraged young talent and motivated them to be innovative. In spite of the fact that Dyson had no any prior experience in designing a product, His boss Jeremy Fry put Dyson as an in charge of designing a high-speed landing craft. In 1974, He had come with his first Invention, the Ballbarrow, Which had been the variation of featuring a molded plastic hopper on a steel frame. In the late 1970s, James had faced many problems with his new vacuum cleaners, He had been felt that the “bag” system had been hampering the efficient performance of the appliance. So He had begun working on designing a bagless vacuum cleaner which would be more efficient. Over the five years, He had come with the idea of using cyclonic separation to create a vacuum cleaner, which would not lose suction as it picked up dirt. In 1993, He launched the Dyson DC01 vacuum cleaner in Britain, which had been the best selling vacuum cleaner in the country within two years. After that success, He had launched several other improved versions. In 2006, He launched the Dyson Airblade, a fast hand dryer, which uses less energy.

Unknown Facts:

  • He is an avid runner.
  • He supports unified European currency.
  • He gave the credit for his outfits to his daughter.

Master Stroke:

  • He founded the James Dyson Foundation.
  • He is known as the inventor of the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner, Which is popularly known as the “G-Force.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1997, He received the Prince Philip Designers Prize.
  • In 2007, He had made Knight Bachelor in New York Honors.
  • He won the International Design Fair award in Japan.

What can we learn from Him??

Like James Dyson, Do your work to perfection. Learn from your mistakes, and accept your mistakes.


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