James Franco

James Franco

James Franco is an American actor and filmmaker born on 19 April 1978, In California, U.S.

Family Background:
He is the son of Douglas Eugene, a Silicon Valley businessman of Portuguese and Swedish descent, at Palo Alto, California and his wife Betsy Lou a writer and actress. He has younger two brothers Tom and Dave.

Personal Life:
James Franco had dated actress Maria Sokoloff for five years. Later he had been in a relationship with Ahna O’Reilly.

He had been talented in Mathematics during his school time and had interned at Lockheed Martin. In 1996, He had completed his graduation from Palo Alto High School. Franco had re-enrolled at UCLA in 2006 with English as major. He had attended Columbia University’s MFA writing program, New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts for filmmaking, and Brooklyn College for fiction writing. He attended the MFA Program for Writers at North Carolina’s Warren Wilson College for poetry. He is a Ph.D. student in English at Yale University and also had attended the Rhode Island School of Design.

He had debuted in films with “Never Been Kissed”. In 2000, He had played the popular jock Chris in “Whatever It Takes”, a modern remake of the play “Cyrano de Bergerac”. In 2012, He had starred in “Sonny” directed by Nicolas Cage. His played a homeless drug addict in “City by the Sea” co-starring Robert De Niro. He starred in Robert Altman’s ballet movie “The Company”. He had completed training for his Private Pilot Licence for his role in “Flyboys” which had released in 2006. He had appeared briefly in the remake of “The Wicker Man”, and had also made a cameo appearance in “The Holiday”. In 2010, He had acted in Rupert Wyatt’s starred “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, alongside Winona Ryder in “The Letter” directed by Jay Anania, and as a drug-addicted lawyer in “About Cherry”. He had directed short films such as “The Feast of Stephen” and “Herbert White”, both presented at the Maryland Film Festival in May 2010, and “The Clerk’s Tale”, screened at the Hamptons Film Festival. He had catapulted to fame with his role in “Spider-Man” as Harry Osborn. He began painting while attending the CSSSA. An exhibition of his paintings had been held at the Glu Gallery in Los Angeles in 2006. Scribner published “Palo Alto”, a collection of his short stories.

Unknown Facts:
His full name is James Edward Franco.
Franco had been Gucci’s face for their men’s fragrance line in 2008.

Master Stroke:
Franco had written, directed and starred in “Good Time Max” about the lives of two brothers one of whom becomes a doctor while the other is unemployed. It premiered at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

As a teenager, He had been jailed for misdemeanors like underage drinking, graffiti, and selling stolen designer fragrances from department stores to classmates.

He had been confused as a closeted homosexual because of supporting LGBT and for the choice of his roles. On being asked if he is gay, He said he finds a lot of other dimensions in the characters instead of their bedroom preferences.

Awards and Achievements:
He received the Golden Globe Award.
He received the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor.

What Can we learn from Him??
Like James Franco, Never forget where you had come from. Find time for your family.

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