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Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison


Larry Ellison, who is an American entrepreneur, co-founder, and chairman of Oracle Corporation was born on August 17, 1944, In Manhattan, New York, U.S. He Born in New York and grew up in Chicago.

Family Background:

His father was an Italian American United States Army Air Corps pilot and her mother was Jewish. When Larry nine months old, His mother gave him to her Aunt and Uncle for adoption. until the age of 44, Larry did not meet her biological mother.

Personal Life:

Ellison had been married and divorced four times in his life.
First, He married to Adda Quinn in 1967 and divorced her in 1974. After divorced, In 1977, He married to Nancy Wheeler Jenkins and divorced her in 1978. They married six months before Ellison founded the Software Development Laboratories in 1978. In 1983, He married to Barbara Boothe who was a former receptionist at Relational Software Inc. And last, In 2003, Ellison married to Melanie Craft who is a romance novelist. Larry has two children whose names are David Ellison and Megan Ellison.


Ellison started his elementary school education at Eugene Field Elementary School in Chicago. Then he joined the Sullivan High School in 1959. He was very intelligent but he never takes interest in subjects which were taught at school. After completing his high school education, He joined the University of Illinois, But he did not give his final year exam because of the sudden death of his adoptive mother. After summer vacation, He attended the University of Chicago, Where he showed his interest in computer design subject.


In 1966 at the age of 22, Ellison moved to the Northern California. In 1970, Ellison was started work in Ampex Corporation, At there he had an opportunity to work on a project for a CIA and creating a database of their project. At there, Ellison was inspired by the paper written by Edgar F.Codd on a relational database system. In 1977, He and his two partners started a company and named it Software Development Labarotaries with investments of $2000. In 1979, They changed the company’s name Relational Software Inc. They started working on different and creative databases. At last, In 1982, They gave the company name officially “Oracle Systems Corporation” after their main product “Oracle Database”. Larry wanted Oracle to achieve compatibility with the IBM system r database, but unluckily IBM refused to share system’s R’s code with Oracle. In starting days, Oracle released Oracle 2 version, But there was no Oracle 1. In 1990, 10% of staff had removed as an indirect result of false sales strategy. Ellison saw the opportunity to dominate the market in the mid-range systems and microcomputers category When IBM delayed its entry into the relational database market.

Ellison pushed for an aggressive sales strategy, as a result, Oracle is now one of the top companies in the world.  In 1997, Ellison was made a director of Apple Computers. In 2009, He made around $57 million.

Ellison is the fifth richest person in the world and a third richest person in U.S with the net worth $36.5 billion.

Unknown Facts:

  • In 1997, He was made the director of Apple Computers, But he was resigned in September 2002 citing lack of quality time for board meetings.
  • Ellison is a Licensed pilot. He owned some aircrafts and military jets including SIAI-Marchetti S.211 and Mikoyan Mig-29.
  • He bought “Indian Wells Tennis Garden” in 2009.
  • He made a small role in the film Iron Man 2, In 2010.
  • On September 14, 2014, Larry resigned from the CEO of the Oracle And became an executive Chairman of the STO.

Master Strokes:

  • He becomes a CEO of Oracle Corporation from 1978 to 2014.
  • Following success racing Maxi yachts, Ellison was founded BMW Oracle Racing to compete for the 2003 Louis Vuitton Cup.


  • Ellison was critical of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and said that “Snowden had yet to identify a single person who had been ‘wrongly injured’ by the NSA’s data collection.” He has donated to both Democratic and Republican politicians and in late 2014 hosted Republican Senator Rand Paul at a fundraiser at his home.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1994, Ellison received the Science Application International Corporation Information Technology Leadership award.
  • In 1990, He received the Entrepreneur of the year award.

What can we learn from him??

Like Larry Ellison, Never retired from any situation, Never promise something that you can not deliver. Make strong your competitive spirit.

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