Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu


Lucy Liu is an American actress, Voice actress, producer, and singer born on December 2, 1968, In New York City, U.S.

Family Background:

She is the daughter of Tom Liu and his wife Cecilia Liu who worked as a biochemist and her father, a trained civil engineer who sold digital clock pens. She is the youngest of three siblings.

Personal Life:

In 1991, Liu underwent surgery after a breast cancer scare. A lump was removed and later had been found to be benign. She has studied various religions, such as Kabbalah, Buddhism, and Taoism.


She attended Joseph Pulitzer Middle School and graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 1986. At Stuyvesant High, she went on an exchange program to Singapore. Later she joined at the New York University and transferred to the University of Michigan


Liu began her acting career in 1989, auditioning for a supporting role in a University of Michigan production of “Alice in Wonderland” during senior year, and won the lead role despite being an Asian. In “Payback”, a 1999 crime thriller, She portrayed Pearl, a high-class BDSM prostitute connected to the Chinese mafia. In 2000, She essayed the role of Princess Pei-Pei in “Shanghai Noon”, an American martial arts action comedy western film starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. The film was well-received critically and commercially. In 2005, She made a shift, and focused more on dramas, playing a role as an FBI criminal psychologist Taryn Mills in the feature film bounty hunter chronicle “Domino”. Liu had made her first foray into production with the well-received documentary titled “Freedom’s Fury” in 2006, which is about the Melbourne Summer Olympics semi-final water polo match between Hungary and the USSR. She had been the executive producer of the 2007 “Code Name: The Cleaner” starring Cedric the Entertainer, and Liu in a supporting role. It received negative reviews, and could not recover its production budget.

Unknown Facts:

  • Her full name is Lucy Alexis Liu.
  • She speaks six languages.
  • She is an accomplished accordion player.

Master Stroke:

  • Lucy Liu became the first Asian-American female to host “Saturday Night Live” in 2000

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1998, She received the Screen Actors Guild Award
  • In 2001, She Won two Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.
  • In  2003, She received the Screen Actors Guild Award

What can we learn from her??

Like Lucy Liu, There is no limit to success, so try and try, Never stop in any situation.

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