Mahathir Mohamad

Mahathir Mohamad


Mahathir Mohamad is a Malaysian politician currently serving as Prime Minister of Malaysia for the second time born on 10 July 1925, In Malaysia.

Family Background:

He is the son of Mohammad Iskandar was a principal with low socioeconomic standing, and his mother Wan Tempawan Wan Hanapi was only a distant relative to Kedah royalty. He had nine siblings

Personal Life:

In 1956, He married his college sweetheart Siti Hasmah. In the next year, The couple had their first child, Marina. The couple has six more children. Three of them is biological and three adopted.


He had completed his secondary school once the war ended. He had enrolled in medical school at the ‘King Edward VII College of Medicine’ in Singapore.


After graduating from medical school Mahathir had got his first job in the medical industry. He had worked as a government service doctor until 1956. In the same year, He had turned to his home region of Alor Setar and opened up a private practice. He had been the only Malay doctor in the area at that time. He loves politics, He had been active in protests as a student, where he advocated for Malaysian independence. In 1959, He had come close to running for office but ended up keeping himself from the election in protest due to conflict with the Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman. In 1964, He had run for his first political office and won. He had been elected to the seat expressing Kota Setar Selatan in the federal parliament. Mahathir had begun his career in politics during a volatile time. In 1970, He had issued his first book, ‘The Malay Dilemma’, which had been a further critique of the lack of support from Rahman’s administration for the Malay people. This criticism had got the book banned. In 1974, He had been appointed as the Minister of Education. He had also won the seat for Kubang Pasu in the House of Representatives. He had run for a vice-presidency position in the UMNO party and had won. In 1981, He became the prime minister. From 1981 to 2003, Mahathir had made a great impact on Malaysian politics with his liberal policies. His ownership spanning over two decades is the longest any selected leader had served in his country, which attests to his list of accomplishments. In 2003, He had announced retirement from politics. In retirement, Mahathir had written several books, with the most recent being his memoirs in 2011. By 2017, He had been actively participating in the politics of the country and had been proposed as a possible prime ministerial candidate of Pakatan Harapan. In January 2018, His official application as a prime ministerial candidate had announced.

Mahathir Mohamad

Unknown Facts:

  • Mahathir bin Mohamad is a real name.
  • He Met his wife at medical school in Singapore.

Master Stroke:

  • He is World’s oldest elected leader.

Awards and Achievements:

  • He had been awarded the title of ‘The Father of Modernization’ by the Malaysian people for his work in economic development.

What can we learn from Him??

Like Mahathir Mohamad, Experience plays a vital role in our life, so learn from your experience.

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