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Malcolm Young, who was Scottish-Australian Musician and songs writer and co-founder of AC/DC band born on 6 January 1953, In Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.

Family Background:

He is the son of William Young and his wife Margaret Young. His father worked as Wheel boy and then machine/saw operator. He had five siblings and he was the sixth child of his parent.

Personal Life:

His Personal life had been in the wrap. There is no any information about his personal life or love relations. He had suffered from dementia or short-term memory loss.


He played guitar in early in his career. He had played guitar in the local band in 1971. Later he had joined Australian band Velvet Underground. In the following year, he and his younger brother  Angus joined the forces. Along with his brother, played for an obscure recording “Marcus Hook Roll Band Tales of Old Granddaddy” before they had owned band AC/DC. In 1974, Dave Evans had joined the AC/DC Band they had started to tour nationally. In 1979, AC/DC came with its first Album “Highway to Hell”, which break into the US top 100. In 1979, AC/DC collaborated with “Mutt” Lange for a record deal. The AC/DC Band Suffered the major blow. From 1976 to 1979, AC/DC come with five new albums. In 1980. AC/DC released the blockbuster album named “Back in Black”. That was the second highest selling album in the history. After the success of Back in Black, AC/DC Released many another successful album named “Blow Up Your Mind”, “The Razor’s Edge”. The Razor’s Edge is the most successful album in all the album. In 2008, AC/DC came up with their first studio album Stiff Upper Lip titled “Black Ice”. and then follow it with their first live album “Live at River Plate”.

Young Suffered from the high illness in 2014. He had performed until his death. Young died on 18 November 2017.

Unknown Facts:

  • His middle name was Mitchell.
  • Their band is popularly known as Acca Dacca in Australia.

Master Stroke:

  • AC/DC are one of the top-selling band in American Music History.
  • His most successful album named ‘Back in Black’ is the second highest selling album in history.


  • Malcolm Young had claimed that He had given up being the lead guitar player for the band because he had wanted to focus on drinking.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 2003, He had received the Rock and Roll Hall of the Fame award.

What can we learn from Him??

Like Malcolm Young, Make your aim to become a success in life and work hard to receive success. Always work with passion.

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