Mario J. Molina

Mario J. Molina


Mario J. Molina who is a Mexican-born American chemist known for his pivotal role in the discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole born on March 19, 1943, In Mexico City, Mexico.

Family Background:

He is the son of Roberto Molina-Pasquel and his wife Leonor Henriquez. His father was lawyer and judge who went on to serve as chief Ambassador to Ethiopia, Australia, and the Philippines.

Personal Life:

He had married his girlfriend Luisa Y. Tan, a chemist. They blessed with a son Felipe, who moved to Irvine, California along with his wife and children. The couple got divorced. After his divorce with his first wife, He married Guadalupe Alvarez. And the couple is living a happy married life together.


He had received elementary education from schools in his native city and at the tender age of eleven attended the ‘Institut auf dem Rosenberg’ in Switzerland. He had pursued chemical engineering from the ‘National Autonomous University of Mexico’. He successfully completed his bachelor’s degree from the institute in the year 1965. Molina had moved to Berkeley and enrolled at the ‘University of California’ in 1968. There he spent his first year studying subjects on advanced physical chemistry along with physics and mathematics.


During the course of experiments, they conducted to understand the properties of atoms that were formed as a result of the radioactive process and possessed excessive translational energy, Mario was assigned the task of studying inert chemicals emanated by industries and their atmospheric reactivity. In 1975, In light of his contribution to the ozone depletion theory, the University recruited Molina as a member of the faculty. In 1989, He had accepted a teaching position at the ‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology’. He continued his research on environmental chemistry in this capacity. The year 2004, marked his return to the ‘University of California’, San Diego, Where he taught the students of ‘Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry’. He was also associated with the ‘Center for Atmospheric Sciences’ working closely with several earth scientists. He is also a member of the presidential committee of the US Senate which advises the head of the state on matters of science and technology.

Unknown Facts:

  • His middle name is Jose.
  • There is an asteroid named after him, which is called the Asteroid 9680 Molina.

Master Stroke:

  • Their discovery had chlorine atoms destroy the ozone which has helped make laws that protect the ozone layer.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1983, He received the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement.
  • In 1995, Molina had been honored with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
  • In 2013, He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

What Can we learn from Him??

Like Mario J. Molina, Concentrate on your goal. do hard work to fulfill it.

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