Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart


Martha Stewart is an American retailer executive, businesswoman, writer, and Television Personality born on 3 August 1941, In New Jersey, U.S.

Family Background:

She is the daughter of Edward Kostyra and Martha Ruszkowski Kostyra. She born in the middle-class family. She has six siblings.

Personal Life:

In 1961, She married Andrew Stewart, The couple had one daughter named Alexis.In 1987, The couple divorced. Later she had been romantically involved with actor Anthony Hopkins and billionaire Charles Simonyi.


She had gone to the Nutley High School in New Jersey and later had attended Barnard College, from where She completed her graduation with a double major in History and Architectural History. She had taken to modeling during her college days to earn some money.


In 1976, She had started her own catering business along with Norma Collier, a friend from her modeling days. The business had been a complete success, but differences between her and Collier arose, as a result of which, Martha bought her share of the business. She had worked for a gourmet shop but this too did not last long as she had been fired, which had directed her to open her own food store. In 1983, She had come out with the book titled, ‘Martha Stewart’s Quick Cook’. The book had been for people with a busy lifestyle and included 52 recipes that could be put together in less than an hours’ time. On October 19, 1999, She had decided to go public with her company, ‘Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc’. She had joined the company under the ticker ‘MSO’ with the New York Stock Exchange. In December 2001, she had sold 3,928 ImClone Systems stocks in order to avoid loss and the next day the value of stock fell by 16 percent. Later in 2003, She had been involved in securities fraud and obstruction of justice. In the fall of 2005, she had hosted the reality game show, ‘The Apprentice: Martha Stewart’, which had been created by Donald Trump. The show had been broadcast on the NBC network. In 200, She had produced a collection of homewares for the departmental store giant, ‘Macy’s’. She had been also seen in Macy’s advertisements in which she claimed to have designed 20,000 items for the department chair.


martha stewart

Unknown Facts:

  • Her full name is Martha Helen Stewart.
  • Martha has a unique language she uses only with animals.
  • She is the big fan of rapper Eminem.

Master Stroke:

  • She is the founder of “Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc”, which is a company that has started many of her works and products. When the company went public in 1999, The stocks bounced from $18 per share to $38 per share at the end of the trading, making her the first female, self-made billionaire in the US.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1997, She had been received the Daytime Emmy for the category of ‘Outstanding Service Show Host’ for ‘Martha Stewart Living’.
  • In 2010 – 2011, She received the ‘Outstanding Lifestyle Program’ for ‘Martha’.
  • In 2011, She received the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

What can we learn from Her??

Like Martha Stewart, Think positive, Set your life goal to become a success, and work hard to achieve your goal.

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