Phil Collins

Phil Collins


Phil Collins who is an English drummer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and actor born on 30 January 1951, In United State.

Family Background:

He is the son of Greville Collins and his wife June Collins. His father was Insurance agent while his mother was a theatrical agent.

Personal life:

He married three times in his life. First, he married Andrea Bertorelli from 1975 to 1980. They have one son named Simon Collins. He had gone on to marry Jill Tavelman in 1984, and this union lasted for 12 years. Phil’s third wife was Orianne Cevey. They married in 1999 and divorced in 2008. The divorce agreement of 25 million pounds had been the biggest in British history.


Phil had attended high school at the ‘Chiswick County School for Boys’, school, Where He had started a band of his own, named ‘Real Thing’. After it had been disbanded, He connected ‘Freehold’, with which He wrote his first song, ‘Lying Crying Dying’.


He performed a few small roles in ‘Calamity the Cow’ and ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, but somewhere deep down, acting did not satisfy him. In the mid-70s, The rock band ‘Genesis’ had posted an advertisement for the requirement of a drummer, and Collins became the band’s new drummer in August 1970, after an audition. For the next five years, Collins had toured with the band and played drums and impacts in their albums. Their first album named, ‘Nursery Cryme,’ which had been released in 1971. In the mid-70s, the band’s lead singer quit the band at that time Collins performed as the lead singer of the band for a while. ‘A Trick of the Tail’ had been the first ‘Genesis’ album for which Collins sang. The album had become a roaring success in both the US and the UK. By the 80s, Phil had eventually begun working on his debut solo album, titled ‘Face Value’. At the time, ‘Genesis’ had joined and had completed their work on the album ‘Duke,’ which was released in 1980. The album received huge commercial and critical response. His first solo album named, ‘Face Value’, had been published in 1981 and featured a different style of music. His second solo album titled ‘Hello I Must Be Going!’, had been published in 1982, and Collins earned international success again. Several media houses took notice of Phil’s international success and declared that Phil had been more popular and successful as a solo artist. In the late 90s, he released another solo album ‘…But Seriously’ which had been received well in both the UK and the US. He had set the foundation of the ‘Phil Collins Big Band’ and took over the drums. The scenario had changed significantly, when his 1996 solo album, ‘Dance into the Light,’ turned out to be a failure. By the turn of the century, his career had been demoted to shambles. However, his former musical milestones had kept his credibility alive, and he received several honors in the 2000s. As an actor, Phil has performed in various films, such as ‘Hook’, ‘Frauds’, and ‘Balto’, aside from starring in a number of TV series, such as ‘The Two Ronnies’ and ‘Miami Vice.’

Unknown Facts:

  • His full name is Philip David Charles Collins
  • Collins Holds a Special Distinction for Live Aid.
  • He Is Multi-Talented.
  • He Taught Himself How to Play Music.

Master Stroke:

  • Collins, who played exactly with the jazz band Brand X, soon began exploring his own solo work.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1985, He received the Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male award.
  • In 1986, He received the Producer of the Year (Non-Classical) award.
  • In 1988, He received the Best Performance Music Video award.

What can we learn from Him??

Like Phil Collins, Never expect from other, do your work yourself. Always live Positive.

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