Pierre Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau


Pierre Trudeau,  who was a Canadian statesman, had served as the 15th Prime Minister of Canada born on October 18, 1919, In Quebec, Canada.

Family Background:

He was the son of Charles Emile Trudeau and his wife Grace Elliott. His father was a businessman and lawyer. He had two siblings, Charles Jr, Suzette.

Personal Life:

He tied the marital bond with Margaret Sinclair at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in North Vancouver. The couple had been blessed with three children. However, the opposition led them to separate from each other which finally ended up in divorce. In 1984, He had been romantically involved with Margot Kidder, a Canadian actress, during the last months of his Prime Ministership. He had one daughter named Sarah.


Trudeau had attended the prestigious College Jean de Brebeuf. After Graduating from the Jesuit school, He had enrolled at the University of Montreal and received a degree in law in 1943. Post World War II, He had continued his studies, earning a master’s degree in political economy from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Public Administration and later in 1947 he had to enroll in Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris in France.


In 1949, He had briefly begun working as an economic policy advisor at the Privy Council Office of the Liberal Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent. From the beginning of the 1950s, He had become a leading figure in the opposition to the repressive rule of Premier of Quebec Maurice Duplessis as the founder and editor of Cite Libre. In 1961, He had taken up the profile of an associate professorship of law at the University of Montreal. He had been elected as the Prime Minister Lester Pearson’s parliamentary secretary. In 1967, He had been finally elected as the Minister of Justice. In the new capacity, He had formulated numerous changes in the legal system of the country. In 1967, when Lester Pearson stepped down from his seat of the Prime Minister, Trudeau had fought for the leadership position in the Liberal Party. On April 20, 1967, He had been sworn in as the Prime Minister. His term in the office had started on a good note. His leading work in the new capacity had been fighting for universal health care. To establish a ‘Just Society’, He had used participatory democracy. The most important event during his term at the office was the rejection of the referendum on Quebec independence that helped keep Oebec united with Canada. The other important event was the patriation of Canada from Great Britain. In 1993, He had distributed his memoirs. The book had been properly received and sold hundreds of thousands of copies. It had gone on to become one of the most successful Canadian books ever published.

He had suffered from Parkinson’s disease and prostate cancer. He died on September 28, 2000.


Pierre Trudeau

Unknown Facts:

  • His full and real name is Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves, Elliott Trudeau.
  • He had been Prime Minister Twice, For 15 Years Altogether.
  • He had not been Always Well-liked.
  • There are an Airport and Foundation in His Name.

Master Stroke:

  • Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister had been granted a 2nd dan black belt in judo by the Takahashi School of Martial Arts in Ottawa.

Awards and Achievements:

  • He had been styled “The Right Honourable” for life on being appointed as Prime Minister.
  • In 1983-84, He had received the Albert Einstein Peace Prize award.
  • He had been received the honorary degrees from the University of Montreal.
  • He had been received the honorary degrees from the University of Notre Dame, Queen’s University, Duck University, and other Universities.

What Can we learn from Him??

Like Pierre Trudeau, Do your work with full of perfection and never afraid of accepting your mistake.

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