Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian actor and film producer born on 23 October 1976, In Canada.

Family Background:

He is the son of Jim Reynolds and his wife Tammy Reynolds. His father was a food wholesaler and his mother was a retail salesperson. He is the youngest of four brothers.

Personal Life:

In 2012, He married his current wife Blake Lively. They have two daughters.


He has an Irish ancestry and has been raised a Roman Catholic. He had failed in his drama class in high school.


Ryan Reynolds had started his career in 1993 when He had starred in a Canadian TV sitcom ‘Hillside’ which had been broadcast by Nickelodeon as ‘Fifteen’. He had appeared in other TV sitcoms ‘The Outer Limits’ and ‘The Marshall’. His film debut had been in the film ‘Ordinary Magic’ which had been also a Canadian venture. After He had moved to LA, He appeared in various films like ‘Coming Soon’, ‘Dick’, and ‘Finder’s Fee’. He played a recurring role for 13 episodes in the TV series ‘The Odyssey’. In 1998, He had been cast for the lead role of Michael “Berg” Bergen in the TV series ‘Two Guys and a Girl’. The series continued till 2001 and had 81 episodes. In 2002, He had played the main role of Van Wilder in the comedy film titled ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder’. He had made two other appearances as supporting actor in films ‘Buying the Cow’ and ‘The in-laws’. He appeared in a Canadian heist film named ‘Foolproof’ in 2003. He also acted in one of the movies in the ‘Harold and Kumar’ series. He had appeared in one of his breakthrough roles in the movie ‘Blade Trinity’ where He had played Hannibal King. He voiced Ty Cheese in the TV animated series ‘Zeroman’. He then acted in comedy films like ‘Adventureland’, ‘Definitely Maybe’, ‘Waiting’, ‘Just Friends’, and ‘Chaos Theory’. Other than these, He had also played serious roles in films like ‘Fireflies in the Garden’, ‘The Nines’, ‘Smokin’ Aces’, and ‘The Amityville Horror’.

Unknown Facts:

  • His full name is Ryan Rodney Reynolds. So basically it’s RRR.
  • He had been trying to get Deadpool made for 11 years.

Master Stroke:

  • His biggest work till date has been ‘Deadpool’. He was co-producer of the film and played the lead role of Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. He wanted to make this film since he played the same character in the X Men series film.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 2003, He received the Young Hollywood Award.
  • In 2005, He received the Teen Choice Award.
  • In 2012, He received the People’s Choice Award.

What can we learn from Him??

Like Ryan Reynolds, Know your strength. Never show your emotions to other.

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