Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison


Scott Morrison is an Australian politician who has been Prime Minister of Australia and Leader of the Liberal Party born on 13 May 1968, In NSW, Australia.

Family Background:

He is the son of John Morrison and Marion Morrison. His father initially a police commissioner, later became an independent politician, who served on the Waverley Municipal Council for sixteen years. 

Personal Life:

On 14 January 1990, Scott Morrison married Jenny Warren, Who is a registered nurse whom he had been dating since the age of sixteen. The couple has two daughters, Abigail Rose or Abbey and Lily. 


From 1980 to 1985, He studied at the prestigious Sydney High School. Thereafter, He had entered the University of New South Wales, eventually earning his Bachelor of Science degree with honors in applied economic geography.


In 1989, Scott Morrison began his career as National Policy and Research Manager for Property Council of Australia, including the chair till 1995. From 1995 to 1996, He had served as the Deputy Chief Executive of Australian Tourism Task Force and from 1996 to 1998 as General Manager of Tourism Council. On 24 November 2007, Scott Morrison entered the Federal Parliament on a Liberal Party ticket. In his maiden speech, He projected himself as a moderate. In 2009, When the party leadership was taken over by rightist Tony Abbott, Morrison too underwent an ideological change, Leading to his appointment as shadow minister for immigration and citizenship in December 2009. In 2011, He had been embroiled in further controversies when he criticized the government for paying the travel expenses of the relatives of the 2010 Christmas Island boat disaster victims. On 18 September 2013, Morrison had been appointed the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. He had launched Operation Sovereign Borders which aimed at stopping unauthorized boats from entering Australian water. On 24 August 2018, Scott Morrison had won the second Liberal Party of Australia leadership spill. Later on the same day, He had been sworn in as the 30th Prime Minister of Australia. On 1 December 2018, He had attended the G20 summit at Buenos Aires. In the following election held on 18 May 2019, Liberal/National Coalition unexpectedly came out winner and Morrison had been once again sworn in as the Prime Minister of Australia.

Scott Morrison

Unknown Facts:

  • Scott John Morrison is his full name.
  • He is Australia’s 30th Prime Minister.

Master Stroke:

  • He is Australia’s first Pentecostal Prime Minister.

What can we learn from Him?

Like Scott Morrison, Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

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