Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn


Steve Wynn is an American real estate businessman and art collector, who is known for his involvement in the American luxury casino and hotel industry born on January 27, 1942, In U.S

Family Background:

He is the son of Michael Weinberg and Zelma Wynn. His father had a string of bingo parlors while his mother was dedicated, a homemaker who took care of Steve and his younger brother Kenneth.

Personal Life:

He married twice with Elaine Pascal. In 1963, He married her and divorced in 1986. In 1991, he remarried her and divorced again in 2010. They have two daughters, Kevyn and Gillian.


Steve Wynn had gone to the Manlius School From where He graduated in 1959. Then He had enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania.


The Wynn family had been fallen into financial crisis after the death of his father who had left behind gambling debts that totaled $350,000. Since Kenneth had been just ten years old at that time, The burden of providing for his family fell upon Steve’s shoulders. In 1967, He had traveled to Las Vegas and had been able to purchase a small stake in the Frontier Hotel and Casino. He became associated with E. Parry Thomas who had been known to be one of the most powerful bankers in Las Vegas. Thomas, who was the president of the Bank of Las Vegas, Which had been the only bank at the time that would extend loans to Las Vegas casinos, which Helped Wynn in making several land deals. In 1971, Steve Wynn had also acquired a controlling interest in the Golden Nugget Las Vegas, a landmark downtown casino. He had restored and expanded the casino from a gambling hall to a resort hotel and casino. The renovated Golden Nugget which became a large tourist attraction. He had worked on building an even more luxurious resort, Bellagio, in the 1990s. Estimated to have cost around $1.6 billion, the resort is surely one of the world’s most magnificent hotels. Opened in 1998, The Bellagio had been the most expensive hotel in the world at the time it was built.

Steve Wynn


Unknown Facts:

  • Wynn is a moneymaker.
  • His full name is Stephen Alan Wynn.

Master Stroke:

  • He made an anonymous donation of $2 million to the United Way of Southern Nevada in 2012, a fact which he later admitted to.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 2009, He won the Manfred Steinfeld Humanitarian Award at the 22nd Annual Platinum Circle Awards.

What can we learn from Him?

As Steve Wynn, Know your inner strength, to stick to your decision. Have faith in yourself.


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