William Sharpe

William Sharpe


William Sharpe is an American economist, Who is the STANCO 25 Professor of Finance, Emeritus at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business born on June 16, 1934, In Massachusetts, U.S.

Personal Life:

In 1986, He married Kathryn, a well-known painter. The couple has one daughter Deborah and son Jonathan.


In 1951, He had schooling at the ‘Riverside Polytechnic High School’ and completed his graduation. Later He joined the ‘University of California at Berkeley’ in order to study in medicine. Later had joined the ‘University of California at Los Angeles’. In 1955, He had received the B.A in economics and completed his M.A degree in 1956, at UCLA. In 1961, He received the Ph.D. from the from the UCLA while working at Rand Corporation.


In 1961 William Sharpe had moved to Seattle and joined the ‘University of Washington’ as professor of finance in the ‘School of Business’. In 1986, He moved to the ‘University of California at Irvine’. He stopped at this university for only a couple of years. in 1970, He had moved to the ‘Stanford University’ and joined the ‘Graduate School of Business’ where, other than teaching, he continued his research. In 1973 He had been named the ‘Timken Professor of Finance’ at Stanford. He had given the academic year from 1976 to 1977 at the ‘National Bureau of Economic Research’ studying the effects of the adequacy of bank capital. In 1080, He had been elected the President of the ‘American Finance Association’. During the year 1975 to 1983. He had worked as a ‘Trustee of the College Retirement Equities Fund’ and ‘Research Foundation of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts’. He had served as a committee member in the ‘Institute of Quantitative Research in Finance’ and the ‘Council on Education and Research of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts’. After retirement, He had become deeply concerned with his consultation firm named ‘William Sharpe Associates’.

William Sharpe

Unknown Facts:

  • His middle name Forsyth.

Master Stroke:

  • In 1963, William Sharpe had written the papers ‘A Clear Model for Portfolio Analysis’ and ‘Capital Asset Prices – A Theory of Market Equilibrium Under Conditions of Risk’ in 1964.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1990, He received the Nobel Prize in Economics.
  • He has also received the UCLA Medal by UCLA.
  • He received the Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa.

What can we learn from Him?

Like William Sharp, Always do your work with honestly. Give respect to everyone.

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