Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson


Willie Nelson is an American Musician, singer, songwriter, and poet born on 20 April 1933, In Texas, U.S.

Family Background:

He is the son of Ira Doyle Nelson and his wife Myrle Marie. His father worked as a mechanic and his mother was a homemaker. He has one sister Bobbie Nelson.

Personal Life:

Willie Nelson married four times and have seven children. Nelson has been married to Martha Matthews in 1952, they divorced in 1962. They had three children. Later he married to Shirley Collie in 1963 and divorced in 1971. Then he married Connie Koepke and divorced. Later he married Annie D’Angelo. Nelson recently lives with his current wife Marie.


Nelson attended the Abbott High School. In school, he developed his interest in sports and had been the part of school’s football and basketball teams. He completed his High school education in 1950. Later he joined the  “American Air Force’. In mid-1950, He joined the ‘Baylor University’.


In 1956, He had started looking for full-time work. He met Leon Payne who was an admire Country singer and songwriter. After their collaboration, they created the song named with “Lumberjack”, the song sold three thousands of copies. Nelson had made several record taps and sent them to a major record label. But his records did not impress them. His songwriting skill did get noticed by Hank Cochran, who suggested Willie to ‘Pamper Music’, which a popular music label. In the 1960s, his tour with “Cowboys” proved beneficial for him, where his skill noticed by other music labels or Band members. He began producing music and writing songs for several other music artists. The early stage of his career, He collaborates with ace country musicians Faron Young, Billy Walker, and Patsy Cline. Several of his singles had made their way to the ‘Country Top 40’ chart. Later he recorded a duet with his wife Shirley Collie, titled “Willingly”, This song became got big hit. In 1970, He decided to quit music and return back to Austin, where he focused on pig farming. The transformation had worked, and He had landed a record deal with “Atlantic Records.” That had been the true beginning of his music career. In 1973, Willie released his debut album for ‘Atlantic’ titled with “Shotgun Willie”. In 1975, he released his album named “Red Headed Stranger”, which had been a sleeper hit. Then he released some other albums named ‘Waylon and Willie’, and ‘Stardust’, which were a big success and made Nelson biggest country music star at a night. Later he released other big and famous albums ‘quadruple-platinum’, ‘Spirit’, ‘Teatro’, ‘Night and Day’, ‘Milk Cow Blues’. Nelson also appeared in films and tv serials. some of his popular films are “The Electric Horseman”, “Starlight”, “The Dukes of Hazzard”, “Blonde Ambition”, and “Zoolander 2”.

Unknown Facts:

  • He wrote his first song at the age of 7.
  • He had been signed to Pamper Music as a songwriter.
  • At the age of 13, Willie performed with Bob Wills, who is the inventor of Western swing music.

Master Stroke:

  • Nelson wrote one of the most famous songs “On The Road Again”. while on an airplane with director Sydney Pollack.

Awards and Achievements:

  • In 1975, He received the Grammy award.
  • In 1976, He received the CMA award.
  • In 1977, He received the American Music Award.
  • In 1982, He received the CMA Award.
  • In 1993, He had been honored with the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • In 2017, He received the ACM Awards.

What can we learn from Him??

Like Willie Nelson, Never give up. Learn from your mistakes. Work hard, hard work will take you Further than Shortcuts.


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